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Members register all your vehicles here. This includes "Family Members" as defined: spouse, children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, siblings and significant others or to any step relative in the same degree of kinship. Register Guest Vehicles as well.

If this is a new vehicle and you need a "BLUE LSP WINDSHIELD STICKER" email the office at and tell us when you will be by to pick it up or ask us to make arrangements to get one to you. These stickers are for members only. We will also provide you with a sticker for your family vehicle that spends more than 60 days a year coming to LSP. All other vehicles must have a hanging pass or dashboard pass. Those passes must be displayed at all times when on LSP property.

Using this new vehicle registration form gives you, the member, complete control of all your vehicles, both Family/Guests & Contractors. Once your register a vehicle it will remain on your site until you delete it.  Just click the Vehicle Registration Tab to see all vehicles you have entered. You will be able to modify the registration when you change vehicles or add new vehicles. You have 100% control and responsibility to keep the registrations updated. When you register a vehicle the office program is automatically updated as well. We will have access to all registered vehicles.

There are two (2) registration formats. First, there  is a format for the VMC holder registration.

If you are the VMC Holder or the Spouse of, Significant other of, partner of the VMC holder, do not check the guest box. Just add the name as referenced above to the notes field and explain the relationship. Do all this in the notes field. See example how to complete registration. Click Here

 Secondly, Check the Guest box when registering anyone other than the vehicles belonging to the actual VMC(s) holder. Everyone else is a guest registration, including your immediate family. When registering a family member/guest, please put their name in the notes field along with their relationship to you. Also add their age. See example how to complete guest registration Click Here


You can register your guests & contractors and print parking passes for them.  All guests and VMC holders must review the Rules & Regulations CLICK HERE FOR A COPY and the VMC holder must sign in all guests. When you register a GUEST vehicle note the additional guests, in that vehicle, in the NOTES box of the registration form. This form is the medium to register/sign in your guests that arrive in a vehicle. In the NOTES box also note the guests dates of visit.
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Click here to print a GUEST parking pass:

Click here to print a CONTRACTOR parking pass:

Lake Shore Park Club

Need to contact us, click the LSP CLUB tab above, then click contacts.


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