Is My Membership Transferrable?

Membership in the Association is not transferrable. One can only become a Member if they apply and are approved by the Board.  Even if a person purports to leave her membership to an heir under her will or purports to transfer her Stock to another,  that is meaningless. The designated heir or grantee must first apply for membership to become a Member.  Since only Members may own Units,  the passage of title to a Unit under a will or deed is again meaningless until the grantee has been approved and become a Member in the Association.   Since each membership is individual in nature (except for Couples who may co-own),  deeds or wills that attempt to convey memberships or Units to multiple heirs are likewise meaningless. Though our association attorney acknowledges that for a time in the past the Association incorrectly permitted multiple co-ownership of Unit,  our attorney understand that this practice was halted several years ago, and the Association is just waiting for all of those non-complying ownerships to cycle out naturally with the transfers of Units.  At the present, if there is such an attempted multiple conveyance,  the parties are told that only one individual (or a Couple) can take title and become a Member,  and the Association stands back and lets them work it out.   

The Bylaws have a few provisions that recognize the preferential nature of interfamily transfers,  but none of them bypass or eliminate the obligation for any heir or grantee to apply for membership before the transfer can be effective.  A member can designate who they wish to become a Member after their passing, but the Board must still review and approve the new Member. If there is no record of such an approval in the Association files,  then no matter what “Someone previously said”,  the parties must apply just like everyone else.  The old provisions relating to Preferred Interfamily transfers waived the initiation fee and said that such applicants would be given preference in the membership review process, our attorney is not aware of any provisions (current or former) that allowed the grantee of an Interfamily transfer to avoid the membership application process.   Finally,  even if there were such provisions in the past,  they are not now part of the Bylaws and do not apply any longer.  

Problems, Violations, or Concerns

Where do I go to report a violation or problem?

You can contact the Executive Director or a Board Member (or members) using the name and address on the Board or Staff page of this web site. There is also a dedicated form for reporting problems or violations that can be filled out on this website, found here.

Web Site

I forgot my password. What should I do to get back in to the site?

You can reset your password by clicking the "Login" link in the menu and then clicking "Reset your Password". If at first you do not see the "Reset your Password" link, enter in at least one incorrect login attempt and it will appear. After you've clicked on "Reset your Password", type in either the username or your email address that matches the associated profile to initiate the reset. Instructions on how to reset your password will be emailed to you. If you have any troubles, please contact the office for more assistance.

Why did I not receive a password reset email?

It is possible for some to not receive a password reset email, even after following all of the necessary steps mentioned above. Here are some reasons why you may not have received the email:

  • incorrect email or perhaps an old (no longer in use) email associated with your username
  • incorrect username submitted
  • SPAM settings are blocking our emails from your inbox, or they are being passed to a Junk Mail folder
  • a temporary email delivery issue

If you are experiencing this problem, first check all of the basics. Make sure the email isn't in your Junk or SPAM folder. Second, ensure that the email or username you've entered is most likely one that you used to originally access the site. If you think that this information has changed and you are experiencing a lockout, please contact the office to have your account information updated.

When will we be able to pay dues and fees on the website?

We are working on developing a process that integrates capabilities to pay dues and fees, right from this site. Now that the new site is launched, we can focus on setting up the appropriate connections and testing a functional system that will allow you to do this. Keep in mind that this kind of system requires much careful though and security considerations - please allow us time to take these in to consideration while building this functionality in. Thank you.